DJ using CD turntable deck

What To Look For In A DJ Turntable

DJ CD turntables are the newest craze when it comes to using DJ turntable equipment. They are known to be more flexible, come with a better digital sound, and are also easily adaptable to other types of DJ equipment. Though many people still prefer vinyl, CDs have definitely been gaining in popularity among DJs. But if you are a beginner and you have yet to fully understand the abilities that only CD turntables can give you, then you should take time to research first before you purchase one.

So what’s the best source of information about CD turntables? Well, there are actually lots of sources. If you key in the words “DJ turntable” online, you can already find a lot of articles to read and even some websites specializing in selling these items.

DJ using CD turntable deck

A DJ spinning CDs on a CD turntable system.

But of all this information, reviews are the best source of opinions about CD turntables. The reason for this is that reviews are mostly written by people who have actually used the products themselves. Reviews often describe the user experience, including both the positive and negative sides.

To make sure you are reading the best kind of review about these new kinds of DJ turntables, here are some useful tips you can follow:

Read from a trusted site

There are lots of popular review sites online. Some offer reviews on different categories while some offer reviews solely on a single topic. In this case, it might be good to read about CD turntables on sites that focus on DJs, clubbing or the turntable profession. Here you will find people who have been around, since the first turntables were being used. You can ask for good sites from among your friends.

Check out the author of the review

Another way to choose a good review of a DJ equipment such as CD turntables is researching the author. Most review sites offer these articles with the reviewer’s byline and some also provide a short profile of said author. Check their credentials and what makes them a figure of authority when it comes to turntable review information.

Join online forums

Here’s another cool way to learn about CD turntables and other types of DJing equipment. Online forums are free sites and you usually just have to sign up to begin posting. Not only will you get good reviews and opinions about turntables here, but you can also expand your networks through the forum posters you will meet. There are lots of first-hand experiences that you can read there, which you might never get to find elsewhere.


My recommendation

Numark has been able to produce a huge array of products that changed the landscape of the DJ world. Their innovations include some of the best DJ turntables ever produced, such as the world’s highest-torque turntable motor, the first 100% digital, 10-inch scratch mixer and the first CD players that were able to provide simultaneous control of multiple effects.

In today’s world of professional digital tools, Numark is one of the leaders. It can even leverage the power of an Apple iPod, keeping the needs of the DJ in the background. Numark has now been able to come up with innovative and ground-breaking video products for VJs and digital DJs.

On the other hand, Panasonic Technics direct-drive turntables have been DJ favorites since the 70s. Technics turntables have changed the very image of contemporary music by making use of the latest technology and tools. This innovation has allowed individuals from all walks of life to understand the fundamentals of club music. If you ask a veteran DJ, he or she will be able to tell you why a Technics turntable is still the preferred choice. These turntables are able to make a lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

It is improbable that a DJ will not include a suitable Technics turntable in his or her equipment inventory. Without this, a DJ is like a seasoned swimmer without a pool of water to dip his or her head into.