espresso machine making cup of coffee

How An Espresso Machine Will Transform Your Recording Studio

espresso machine making cup of coffee


Working at a recording studio is pretty cool, as you can probably imagine. I get to listen to the songs that in the future will be popular before anyone else can do it. I advise musicians and I also have a really good time with them. And although I enjoy my job, it can be demanding and exhausting sometimes for all the crew.

As in any other job, we need to make “coffee breaks” which did not necessarily mean drinking coffee but mainly. It also meant a lot of time in the hanging chair. At least personally, nothing motivates me to continue working hard like a good cup of coffee. After feeling stressed and sometimes hopeless, a sip of coffee feels like a deep breath and it gives me a fresh start. For me, coffee breaks are also an opportunity to socialize outside work. I think I never really thought about the importance of coffee breaks until recently. But they are not perfect, I also noticed some disadvantages.

Every time we took these breaks meant spending money, and not only on coffee but also on pastries or something to accompany the coffee with. One day I was talking with my friends about an article that one of them read. It was about why people cannot save money and as incredible as it sounded, these “coffee breaks” have such a big impact in our pocket. I couldn’t believe it, I mean, those innocent coffee breaks could really cost that much?

I was determined to find that out. So, I kept track of my coffee break expenses for one week and it was actually more than I expected. When I calculated my monthly expenses, I was shocked! I seriously had no idea that I was spending that much only on coffee and crap. It also made me think about how much sugar I was eating during those coffee breaks. The DJs and singers were especially bad. For some reason, it seems singing and DJing both require a lot of coffee. I guess it makes sense for the DJs, since most of them have to stay up all night DJing music in a club on their turntables. The singers don’t, but most of the ones who come here do go to a lot of late night karaoke sessions.

I wondered what I could buy with that money if I decided to invest it better. Giving up coffee wasn’t an option, not for me, nor for the rest of the crew. I knew that we would not work well without it. Besides, I never thought it was something bad, on the contrary, coffee breaks almost allowed the creativity to keep flowing. That was when I started to consider buying an actual espresso machine, not a coffee machine, we had one but the quality of coffee didn’t convince us. I wanted something that could give us the same coffee quality that we were already used to.

It was a tough decision but, in the end, I think I made the correct choice. I bought the Cuisinart DGB-700BC espresso machine and grinder for our studio. In the beginning, it seemed like I was spending my money on something uncertain. I had to keep reminding myself that it was going to be an investment and it was totally worth it! This espresso machine has changed our recording studio so much. We don’t spend time going out to grab a coffee, we save much more money and we eat less crap. Needless to say that our productivity has increased as well.

a home recording studio can be relaxing

A Hanging Chair Is Exactly What Our Recording Studio Was Missing

a home recording studio can be relaxingWhat is something that every recording studio seems to have in common?

They all have places to relax.

That’s right, every recording studio I’ve ever seen, and I’m sure the same goes for you, has a place where people can chill out and relax. Usually these take the form of comfortable sofas, but there are many other relaxation devices as well.

Why you think this is?

Recording studios are quite stressful. Artists and performers and producers and everyone else are all under extreme time pressure to finish their work quickly and to do it well. They work long hours with few breaks. This is a very stressful situation. You need to do something to relieve that stress.

That’s why you also often see things like ping-pong tables or foosball tables or other recreation methods. That is on top of the couches and the beanbag chairs and things like that where people can relax. But you know what I haven’t seen very often? Hammocks.

That’s right, we got some hammocks in our recording studio. And the results have been fantastic. A quick 20 minute nap in a hammock and people feel very refreshed quickly. But there’s something that was even more groundbreaking than adding hammocks. And that was adding a hanging chair.

Specifically, we added a double hanging pod from Cacoon. These things hang from the ceiling and are like a hammock, but they’re shaped like a teardrop. They don’t sag as much as a hammock. You don’t lie in it like you would a hammock, but you sit in your cocoon hanging chair kind of like you would a chair. There’s no support for your back, though.

a hanging chair with a relaxing womanSo you sit in it or you lie in it, but differently to a regular hammock. Some of them are quite large so you have plenty of room to lie there too. Basically it’s a cool little relaxing space. The one we have is enclosed, which kind of shuts you out from the outside world and is perfect for the environment of a music studio. There are others, though, that are more open to the world. For example the Cacoon Lullio. It only has a small wall and the rest of the top is open so you can view the world. This would be great for relaxing outside in nature. Unless it rains, of course.

Ever since we added the Cacoon double hanging pod and the various hammocks, along with the new Cuisinart espresso machine, productivity in our recording studio has improved. Singers and other musicians are getting more done and they are leaving feeling refreshed. That wasn’t always the case before, but coffee and relaxation has changed that. Specifically, delicious espresso coffee.

This hanging pod is not like a hammock where you spend 20 minutes and then get back to work. You can sit around in it all day while you sing or play your instrument. That makes a big difference. It’s like sitting around on the couch and singing, I guess, but the novelty of it makes it feel different and special. I guess it is the novelty, in the end, that makes a big difference and has really led to a huge improvement in our recording studio and will hopefully also lead to a seminal album being recorded.

man singing karaoke

How To Learn To Sing Through Karaoke

man singing karaokeLearning to sing is not easy. Is not nearly as difficult as most people think, but it is far from simple nonetheless.

The best way to learn is, of course, to get a live vocal coach. Nothing beats one-on-one training with a professional. A real instructor can teach you all the techniques much more quickly than you would learn them otherwise and he or she can correct any mistakes you make immediately, so that they don’t become ingrained. It is much more difficult to fix those mistakes later on, once they become habits.

The big drawback, obviously, is cost. A professional quality vocal coach does not come cheap. They generally charge at least $50 an hour, but the good ones will all charge over $100. Many will charge several hundred an hour. It is money well spent, no doubt, but if you don’t have that money, you can’t spend it, can you?

For those of us that can’t afford a vocal coach, but want to learn how to sing so we can sound like all of our favorite vinyl artists, there are other options. These days, any information you could possibly ever want is available for free online. You just have to search for it.

And when it comes to vocal lessons, there are so many available, that the hardest part will actually be deciding which ones to use. Many of them are not great, so you want to make sure you get good lessons.

Often a better option is to buy a comprehensive course. These generally cost around $100 and give you a structured lesson plan that teaches you all the basics. This is what I would recommend if you want to learn to sing. Start with the course like this and then later on you can add a vocal coach.

So how does karaoke fit into all of this? Well, it is one of the best ways to practice. Karaoke lets you practice your favorite songs and all the new techniques you learn from your how to sing course. And it lets you do this in a fun setting.

Trying out new techniques when you’re having a night out with your friends drinking and eating and just having a great time, is just so much fun. It is the best way to learn anything. The way I like to do it, is to choose a song that I know I can master and practice it a lot at home. Then when I’m ready, I debut it at a karaoke night with my friends. I love to see the looks on their faces when I nail a song they didn’t think I could sing. It just makes me feel so good about myself. It makes karaoke so much more fun.

So I recommend you do the same. Pick a song to start with and master it. Once you’ve got that one down, go with a few more songs. You don’t want to tackle too many, though, because then you’ll be spending all your time learning new songs. It also helps to go to a karaoke place that has an espresso machine. That way you can fuel yourself deep into the night with delicious cups of espresso or regular coffee, if you prefer.

Go with songs that you can sing, but that are just a bit outside your comfort range, so that you’re pushing yourself. And then when you get up on that stage and hold that microphone and start to sing karaoke, make sure you really belt out that song with everything you have. Nothing feels better and nothing really helps you practice your singing more either. It truly is a case of two birds with one stone. Now go karaoke.

best songs for karaoke

Using Vinyl Records To Sing Karaoke

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess you’ve never seen a karaoke machine that plays vinyl records. Neither have I and I don’t actually think they exist. Every karaoke machine I’ve seen plays digital files. It just makes more sense. They take up no space and they are easy to get. You can download them from anywhere, usually for less than a dollar.

best songs for karaoke

The reason for this post is that I recently read an article listing the best karaoke songs on The author Camila had great taste in music and it made me realize that all my own favorite karaoke tracks are etched into the grooves of my vinyl collection.

If, like me, you already have a large vinyl (or CD or cassette tape) collection, you don’t really want to buy the same files again. You can transfer them to a digital format easily enough with most vinyl record players, but that takes time and effort. It would be a lot cooler if you could just use those vinyl records in a karaoke machine the way they are.

But I don’t think that’s possible and I don’t think it ever will be. It makes no sense for manufacturers to make a vinyl karaoke machine, because there would be very little demand. No commercial establishments would ever buy it and it would only be home users who would want one. And even then it would only be a very small portion of karaoke enthusiasts. Just people whose favorite music is on vinyl and who want to sing all of their favorite karaoke songs using that same vinyl. So basically, just vinyl collectors.

All that said, there are definitely workarounds. If you’ve got a good receiver and speakers, you can easily rig your own little karaoke system. You can even use karaoke machines and just change the input. Any good one will allow you to input any kind of music you want, so could easily hook up your record player to many of them.

Either of these ways allow you to hook up your turntable to either your receiver or your karaoke machine and to plug your mic into the same. Then you can sing along. Naturally, you will want to get rid of the lyrics when singing karaoke and you might also want those lyrics written on the screen. That might be a little more difficult to do.

That said, there are websites where you can download the lyrics and play them on a screen during the music. You just have to time them to start at the right moment. Also, any good audio mixer will allow you to remove the vocal track or at the very least to turn it down. A karaoke machine has that function automatically.

For this reason, I would suggest getting a karaoke machine no matter what. Even if you already have a mixer, it will most likely not have all of the functions that you will want for good karaoke session. Get yourself a decent machine. They are not expensive. Then you can hook up your record player to this machine, assuming it has the required input for that. Make sure when you buy it that it has a phono input.

Once you’ve hooked your records up to your karaoke machine, you simply need to figure out how to get the lyrics in there. It will come with instructions that should tell you how to accomplish that. And that’s really all you need. All of a sudden you’ve got a great little home karaoke system that can play your vinyl records. You will be the hit of any party that is held in your house. Your friends will love you and will have a great time singing all those classic songs on your new karaoke system.

vinyl record review

ZZ Top’s Eliminator Review

When you set out to buy vinyl records, it’s nice to have an album review now and then to refresh our overwhelmed baby boomer memories. I still like to buy records even if some people think that turntables and vinyl records are a thing of the past, and this is one of my all-time favorites.

I Can’t Help but Dance could be the also known as title for Eliminator, the outstanding album by quintessential favorites ZZ Top. Beating odds akin to divorce statistics, this band has the unique distinction of being one of the few that have been together for 35 years complete with their original members. For only being three eccentric-looking guys, they pack a wallop of classic rock and roll sound from their trademark custom guitars.

Gimme All Your Lovin’, Got Me Under Pressure, Sharp Dressed Man, I Got the Six, Legs, Dirty Dog, If You Could Only Flag Her Down, and Bad Girl are all foot-stompin’, hip-wigglin’ tunes that command even the worst of really bad dancers to the floor to strut their stuff. I Need You Tonight is as rock and roll as a ballad can be and still maintain the required compassion. Thug features all the synthesized electronic machismo that 1983 had to offer sounding like a cross between Santana and a Jamaican reggae band. TV Dinners captures more of their original pre-electronic blues sound topped off with inanely humorous lyrics.

The title Eliminator on this album is a bit of an oxymoron since this particular recording did anything but eliminate them from the charts and catapulted the Little Ol’ Band from Texas into commercial success. By refining their original Southern blues rock sound to emanate the electronic resonance that was becoming so popular at the time, they went way over the “top” so to speak, and eventually into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where they belong.

Benefits to Buying Vinyl Records

vinyl record reviewVinyl records have been used and enjoyed for years. They were out before the CD, which then was replaced with the ability and convenience of downloading an MP3. There are so many benefits to going back to being old school and listening to vinyl.

The first benefit you will find when you buy vinyl records is that you will get to enjoy superior sound quality. So many people are under the false impression that a MP3 or a CD will produce better sound than the old vinyl record, but the fact is that the MP3 file and a CD have been compressed and you will find that you don’t get more original and enjoyable sound quality that you will achieve when you listen to a vinyl.

You will also find that the vinyl can give you a certain style which is beneficial. They are very slim and yet large is overall size, but this can make them the perfect choice based on your storage solution. You will find more vinyl on a shelf than you will CDs and if you are looking at building a collection and having an extensive range of genres to enjoy, then vinyl may be the way to go now and moving forward.

The great thing when you buy a vinyl is you have a physical copy of the song or album that you enjoy. While downloading music is great and convenient and sometimes more affordable, you never have a tangible item you can touch and read. With a vinyl you get that item, you can read through the song list and make your selection.

Of course you are investing is what today is considered “vintage.” Vinyl were the top choice for music up to around the late 1970’s when cassette tapes all became the rage. While they may be considered a vintage item, they are increasing in popularity again with turntables being readily available in a number of stores around the world.

The final benefit you may not be aware of is that you can enjoy a good return on your investment when it comes to vinyls. Bear in mind that these can scratch, but if you can get your hands on a superior quality record and hold onto it for a couple of years, you will find it is worth more in the long run. This is ideal for those who are looking to build up their collection.

There are some very important factors to take into consideration when you buy vinyl, especially when buying online. One of the biggest problems faced with records was scratches and to find a record without a scratch is not going to be an easy task. This is why it’s imperative that you only purchase from a reputable company that is managed by an enthusiastic team of record traders.

Take the time to learn as much about the company as you can, this means reading online reviews, reading their about us section and identifying their turnaround and delivery times. See if the company offers a returns policy and their take on customer service.

What is more important is that you need to know you are dealing with a real company that is operated by real people, which is why you are going to want to search their site for a phone number and physical address. Take the time to pick up the phone and speak to one of their representatives before making the decision on whether to buy a vinyl from them or not.


rare vinyl records

Tips for Buying Rare Vinyl Records

People like to collect rare vinyl records for many reasons, including purchasing them for personal reasons and seeing them as a valuable investment of money. For those who are looking to start collecting these kinds of items however, it can be difficult to know how to pick out a quality item and whether or not it will be worth the money.

rare vinyl records

A stack of old vinyl records.

The first thing to look for is the condition of the disc itself, as this will affect the value of the item. If you are investing in a collector’s item, this will affect the usability of the record, and your enjoyment of it if you are simply looking to add a favorite record to your collection.

It is important to examine the record from various angles, as a dull surface will show that an item is well used. A shinier appearance is likely to indicate that the rare vinyl records you are looking at and thinking of buying have not been used so extensively, which can indicate a better investment of your money.

It is equally important to look for scratches on the record itself, as this will not only affect the value of the item but also its playability. It is the deep scratches that one should be most aware of, as these will significantly affect the sound quality the most.

A tip is to run your finger over the scratches, seeing if you can feel them in a major way. If so, chances are that these scratches are likely to affect the sound when you play your vinyl. If the scratches are unnoticeable when you pass your fingertip over them, you may consider them of less significance than deeper scratches.

The next thing to consider is the condition of the jacket of the vinyl record, as this can affect the value of your purchase too. Although not as important as the quality of the actual record itself, the condition of the sleeve should definitely be kept in mind.

You will need to see if the cover is torn, faded, has rings or marks on or has any other damage. If you are buying a record online and there is no image of the sleeve, ask the seller to send you detailed photos for your reference. This will help you make a decision on whether to buy or not depending on the condition of the jacket.

Another thing to bear in mind is how much the record you are buying is worth. This is important whether you are buying rare vinyl records for your own use or whether you want to invest in them for collection purposes and what the increase in value will be.

Obviously, you are likely to want to buy the item at the best price possible, and some rare records can actually be very costly, so this is of fundamental importance. For this reason, make sure that you check with dealers both online and offline to seek out the record that you are searching for. If you find several items, you will be far better positioned to understand the going price for that item.

If you find something that you like yet it is at a price higher that you want to pay, remember that with these types of collector’s items the price is often negotiable. If you are buying from an online or offline seller, see if you can get them to match the price of an item that you have seen elsewhere, or point out any flaws that you believe honestly affect value.

Another tip is to go to a record store that has a cafe attached. That way you can combine the shopping trip with a coffee break. This only really applies to those who do not have a coffee machine in the office.

These are just a few tips for investing in rare vinyl records. Whether you intend to listen to these records yourself while relaxing in your new hanging pod while recording in the studio or simply keep them for resale, following these pieces of advice can help you find a great deal on a fantastic vintage record.

vinyl record review

Arguably The Greatest Album Of All Time – Dark Side Of The Moon

When I think of classic Vinyl records, the first album that comes to mind is Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side of the Moon. It was the second album I ever owned – and it changed my take on music forever. I’m certainly not alone in this opinion. For 14 years after it’s release in March 1973, Dark Side of the Moon remained number one on the Billboard album chart. It quite literally changed the face of music for a generation and influenced music recording ever since.

So what is it that made this album so great?

The concept

Pink Floyd have always been masters of the concept album. Their albums are not merely a collection of songs, each album tells a story based on a particular concept. Dark Side of the moon looks into insanity, not only in the individual but in society as a whole.

Following the band’s original front-man Syd Barret’s mental break down and departure from the band , they were in limbo for several years. This had a profound effect on the band. It’s not too ironic then, that the band’s first truly successful album dealt with the issue of insanity. The album was, in a sense a cathartic experience for the band. Little did they know how universal the appeal of this concept would be.

The introduction to the album Speak to Me sets the tone with spoken word, a man talking about his madness. The voice over is backed by the pulsing rhythm of a heartbeat. The introduction moves into the second track Breathe, which looks at wasted youth and the realization that life is fleeting – before we know it time has passed us by.

As the album progresses we are faced with the juxtaposition that exists within society. In our attempt to conform to rules and norms, we lose direction. We lose sight of our real objectives in life. The climax of the story comes with the song Money, here we’re faced with the the irony of modern life. The song begs the question as to what is real sanity, pointing out how insane our concept of success is. It’s a cynical observation of the ideals and aspirations of modern society.

Following Money, the song Us and Them, continues to question the sanity of accepted norms. The song deals with war and conflict, again looking at the irony of civilized ideals. By the time we reach the song Brain Damage, which deals directly with the thoughts of an insane person, we’re left questioning. What is lunacy? Is it a sign of a deranged mind, or is it the world we live in?

The album was intended to be thought provoking both lyrically and musically.

Groundbreaking techniques

vinyl record reviewOne of the things that makes Pink Floyd so great is that they were pioneers of many musical and recording techniques. Many of these techniques have become common place today.

In the days when recording studios used 8 track tape to master recordings, Dark Side of the Moon was the first recording to make use of the infinite loop. Today this a common digital tool used by DJ’s and studios. Back then it had not been thought of.

In the introduction to Money we hear the continuous sound of a cash register and coins being dropped into it. Without the use of digital recording, this took some imagination. They recorded the sound of a cash register and coins dropping, then re-recorded it a few times. They joined the two ends of the tape together to make a loop, it was then fed through a reel-to-reel tape player. Using only one reel, the tape was looped around a broomstick and fed back to the same reel – playing continuously.

It was this type ingenuity that allowed Pink Floyd to achieve sounds and effects that were not heard of before. In the age of psychedelic music, Pink Floyd took the lead in creating new electronic sounds that changed music forever. As a huge lover of sci-fi, it is no shock that this type on innovate new album would appeal to me so much.

DJ using CD turntable deck

What To Look For In A DJ Turntable

DJ CD turntables are the newest craze when it comes to using DJ turntable equipment. They are known to be more flexible, come with a better digital sound, and are also easily adaptable to other types of DJ equipment. Though many people still prefer vinyl, CDs have definitely been gaining in popularity among DJs. But if you are a beginner and you have yet to fully understand the abilities that only CD turntables can give you, then you should take time to research first before you purchase one.

So what’s the best source of information about CD turntables? Well, there are actually lots of sources. If you key in the words “DJ turntable” online, you can already find a lot of articles to read and even some websites specializing in selling these items.

DJ using CD turntable deck

A DJ spinning CDs on a CD turntable system.

But of all this information, reviews are the best source of opinions about CD turntables. The reason for this is that reviews are mostly written by people who have actually used the products themselves. Reviews often describe the user experience, including both the positive and negative sides.

To make sure you are reading the best kind of review about these new kinds of DJ turntables, here are some useful tips you can follow:

Read from a trusted site

There are lots of popular review sites online. Some offer reviews on different categories while some offer reviews solely on a single topic. In this case, it might be good to read about CD turntables on sites that focus on DJs, clubbing or the turntable profession. Here you will find people who have been around, since the first turntables were being used. You can ask for good sites from among your friends.

Check out the author of the review

Another way to choose a good review of a DJ equipment such as CD turntables is researching the author. Most review sites offer these articles with the reviewer’s byline and some also provide a short profile of said author. Check their credentials and what makes them a figure of authority when it comes to turntable review information.

Join online forums

Here’s another cool way to learn about CD turntables and other types of DJing equipment. Online forums are free sites and you usually just have to sign up to begin posting. Not only will you get good reviews and opinions about turntables here, but you can also expand your networks through the forum posters you will meet. There are lots of first-hand experiences that you can read there, which you might never get to find elsewhere.


My recommendation

Numark has been able to produce a huge array of products that changed the landscape of the DJ world. Their innovations include some of the best DJ turntables ever produced, such as the world’s highest-torque turntable motor, the first 100% digital, 10-inch scratch mixer and the first CD players that were able to provide simultaneous control of multiple effects.

In today’s world of professional digital tools, Numark is one of the leaders. It can even leverage the power of an Apple iPod, keeping the needs of the DJ in the background. Numark has now been able to come up with innovative and ground-breaking video products for VJs and digital DJs.

On the other hand, Panasonic Technics direct-drive turntables have been DJ favorites since the 70s. Technics turntables have changed the very image of contemporary music by making use of the latest technology and tools. This innovation has allowed individuals from all walks of life to understand the fundamentals of club music. If you ask a veteran DJ, he or she will be able to tell you why a Technics turntable is still the preferred choice. These turntables are able to make a lasting impact on the minds of the audience.

It is improbable that a DJ will not include a suitable Technics turntable in his or her equipment inventory. Without this, a DJ is like a seasoned swimmer without a pool of water to dip his or her head into.

vinyl record review

This Just In: The Arkells’ Morning Report Is Top Notch!

Canadian outfit The Arkells have been indie-rocking their way into our hearts since 2008 with driving hits like “Oh! The Boss is Coming,” “On Paper,” “Leather Jacket,” and “11:11,” just to name a few of their catchier titles, all of which make great singing practice at karaoke, by the way.

Now, with the release of their fourth studio album Morning Report this past August, they’ve continued a fine tradition of releasing sweet alt-rock goodness, songs that are both passionate and fun, both true to the band and a delight for their fans. Much like the Arkells’ last outing (High Noon), Morning Report is a rare instance of an album with content perfect for both dedicated rockers and for prime rock radio playback. It is the kind of album we hope to produce in our own recording studio now that we have added an espresso machine and boosted productivity considerably.

The vinyl record sounds crisp and clean, but not TOO perfect, retaining that beloved indie quality and carrying the energy and emotion of the album. Morning Report starts out with one of its highest notes, Drake’s Dad, a fun gospel-influenced tune which combines a fun tale of the band’s drunken revelry with a hopeful, soul driven chorus. The song, like most of the album, casually demonstrates the bands’ command of musical know-how while keeping the tone light, fun, and irresistibly catchy. From there, we launch directly into the darker “Private School,” a unique choice for a single, but one which fits well in the overall tone of the album; the listener will find themselves singing along to “Private School” before they’ve even realized they like it.

The third track, “My Heart’s Always Yours,” stands out with a satisfying full sound that makes full use of each instrument and band member. It is here that the album plays its hand, employing some 80s style synth melodies and effects to capitalize on the recent trend of synthesizers in popular music. Thankfully, the synth is not too heavy-handed, used effectively but in moderation so as not to be the central focus of the song. Then “Savannah” finishes off the album’s first act with a song about a girl, which at first seems a bit mundane, but builds tonally through complex musical layers to a satisfying final chorus.

vinyl record reviewThe middle part of the album jumps around a bit more. “Passenger Seat” is emotional and jarring, with a subtle echo that sounds incredible on vinyl. On the flip side, “Making Due” is light, airy, and a bit forgettable. “Round and Round” is a bit of an earworm, but surprisingly deep both melodically and lyrically, and is to me a highlight of the album bookended by the two weakest songs. “Hung Up” is not bad at all, fun to listen to, but comes across as a bit jumbled, an odd mixture of several different sounds forced together.

The final third of the album is nearly as strong as the first, beginning with “Come Back Home,” which is successful in its simplicity, one of the most emotionally honest and genuine sounds the band has produced (and that’s saying a lot). This is followed by “A Little Rain (A Song For Pete),” an upbeat anthem which capitalizes on the raw shouting vocals, upbeat piano riffs, and classic rock beat that the band made their name with. Morning Report’s final two songs wind down, and will at first disappoint those who wanted more upbeat pop in the vein of High Noon, but ultimately are both excellent. “And Then Some” is incredibly layered, and “Hangs the Moon” is soft, beautiful, and delicate in a way that the Arkells have not achieved before now.

Ultimately, any alt-rock or indie-rock fan owes it to themselves to pick up Morning Report on vinyl, and to check out the previous work of the Arkells if they haven’t heard it already.